I dont even know if the stator is bad, it just sounds weird that you have no spark, the bike doesnt start because of the stator. An engine that is running too hot will "overheat" the stator. Advanced Member . If the voltage goes below around 13 volts, the bike will start to drain the battery. Once you eliminate the possibility of a dead battery, broken wires or bad spark plugs, look at the stator, located on top of the block where the condensers and points are found. And a blockage at the regulator can mess up the stator because it is producing voltage but the voltage has no where to go! If any of the above symptoms He has been replacing batteries and thought the issue was just not riding enough. 2. The stator can be tested with a digital multimeter. How To Test An Outboard Stator. 1. Stator resistance ranges vary from motor to motor. Drips hanging off? Jun 12, 2011 #6 What is the pulse coil. Engine stalls frequently. im asking about starting it. Engine is hard to start especially after sitting from a run. They provide voltage to your switchbox or CDM's. Last edited by a moderator: Jun 12, 2011. brandon32689 New Member. Engine does not recharge the vessel's battery(s). Or you see it has melted or burnt windings on it. If a stator fails the Ohms Test, it is bad. 6. Also the year of the bike would... Log in or Sign up. Now subtract the pretest reading from the test reading to get the actual reading. //--> Keep in mind that a bad stator might not be your only problem. You will be notified beforehand .5 ohms reading. 1. The stator on an outboard only reaches its rated output at wide open throttle. When it comes to testing the stator. //-->. it can cause any number of problems including and a clutch question so I've got my winter rebuild done, and ive been on 3 rides since then on a brand new battery, and its already half dead. If the stator is covered in salt and corrosion. Stators fail! It too has two coils, high speed and low speed. If your stator is bad, the battery of your ATV will not charge while the ATV is running. The stator on the Ski-Doo is a stationary part of the engine, located near the spark plugs, that help create a spark in conjunction with the spark plugs that causes combustion in the gas engine. After charging your battery it should show 12.7 to 13.2 volts. Overheating. Also be sure the battery terminals are CLEAN and TIGHT. symptoms of a bad stator? The low speed went on it,,,,it would not keep my battery charged, then eventually would not start. 4. We pay the freight out in USA on all orders Be sure to OPEN the terminal before you put it on the battery post, THEN tighten it until it's snug after it's all the way down. 2. document.write(state); powerpack failures, dead batteries, intermittent and weak spark. This is because a bad stator can weaken or ruin a good switchbox. Be aware that stators can give different results depending if they are hot, warm or cold. A faulty or failing stator can cause one or more symptoms. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jan 23, 2007. If 2. He bought the sled and the 1st time we went out it happend - we started out fine but encountered 3 or 4 spells where it would do that - each one would last about 10-15 minutes. Creating more heat and more issues! What are the symptoms of a bad motorcycle stator? If the air-cooled regulator goes bad, it might be due to a lack of air flow. art's at central warehouse, you'll get it next month. If you have had a stator that went bad, tell us what bike, what primary lube you used and how often you changed it. Casey0211 Member. We do NOT recommend installing aftermarket parts. So we'll work time & material. //-->,