Tiling a fireplace surround isn't a quickie makeover. That, of course, is not to day that looks should be neglected. It’s a great way to get the look of a fireplace in a room where there isn’t one. But it's well worth the effort. He has told me that it would be expensive to gain access to the gap between each stud and blow in insulation. Intro - An Overview of Designing your Stone Fireplace Surround, Mantel and Hearth - Overview of our articles on Building a Natural Stone Fireplace. May 18, 2016 - A couple months ago I wrote about tiling both the surround and hearth of our wood-burning fireplace with marble. My home energy auditor has said that its likely that the area surrounding the fireplace is not insulated. With the unique beauty of natural stone comes the stone's porosity and care. Painting beige tiles white, for example, instantly lifts the area and looks like a whole new fireplace. When I moved into my house, one of … 95. As a focal point, a fireplace can set the tone for the whole style of a room. Rebuilding a Fireplace Surround: This Instructable (Instructanovel) details the process I went through to demolish an existing fireplace surround made of flagstone and replace it with a much more attractive (at least to my eye) custom built one. Hi Steph, you asked me this question oh so long ago and somehow it slipped past me! So sorry for the delayed response - almost exactly a year! Repair the joints using heat-resistent mortar. How to Seal Fireplace Stone. Rigid Foam Insulation. Drafty Fireplace. Mask the area around the fireplace surround with painter’s tape. Article 1 - Sketching and Designing your Stone Fireplace Surround - Measuring, planning and sketching out your Natural Stone Fireplace. A natural stone-faced fireplace surround can lend a unique beauty to any room. Well if you don’t have a fireplace then an obvious idea would be to add one. :O . $15.95 $ 15. A fireplace plug is similar to the balloon sealer in function and design, despite being rectangular rather than round. Between remodeling the bookcases and mantle and installing tile over the surround and hearth, rental of a wet saw and what we needed to mount the TV, the fireplace makeover came in just under $1000. It worked beautifully. Clean the brick surface first to avoid sealing in dirt and grime. A well-decorated fireplace can make your room look like something that belongs in a magazine. Get step-by-step instructions for how to paint marble and update your fireplace surround. A fireplace is often the central piece in a living room. If you have a slate hearth around your fireplace and it’s been there for more than 2 months, it’s probably a little dirty. Conclusion. I placed the stencil material firmly on the mat and taped the sides down for good measure. The fireplace surround has the potential to steal the scene from a show-off mantel. This budget-friendly $25 fireplace update can be done in less than a weekend. But there is another option: give your fireplace a faux finish that mimics the look of old European cottages. After cleaning, use a water sealer appropriate for brick surfaces to seal your fireplace properly. Learn how to repair crumbling mortar in a fireplace in just a few basic steps. Fireplace Tile Surrounds That Grab Attention In Cool Ways. Image: @woodleyandco / Instagram Someday we will completely redo it, but for now we are just sprucing it up with a good cleaning. Once you've taken out the fireplace surround, you might find there's a fireback. Place the surround against the insert to that it lies flat against the chimney. I use a degreaser to clean my surface before painting. Fireplace plug. Slate hearths need to be cleaned regularly to prevent and remove the grime and stains that build up on them. Step by Step Articles on Building a Travertine, Marble or Granite Fireplace Surround. Now you have a rectangular brick opening that should be ready for your new gas or electric fire, the hearth and fireplace surround. Prep! The first step in painting a fireplace surround is to prepare the area properly, whether you want to paint marble fireplace surrounds, or those made from brick of stone. Can you paint a marble fireplace surround? Midwest Hearth Wood Stove Replacement Gasket Kit for Woodburning Stoves - Graphite Impregnated Fiberglass Gaskets and Adhesive (5/8" x 1/8" x 84" Flat Tape) 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,512. John Lawton 10. Excessive moisture on bricks may damage the stone and result in a crumbling fireplace. Choose the Right Tile for Your Surround. Hubby wants to seal the brick with a "Wet Look" sealer. I should mention this isn’t a functional fireplace, obviously. Use a bolster chisel and club hammer to remove the top half first, then the lower. Redo the Sealing: Re-seal your entire fireplace at least once a year to maintain the tile’s original luster and get it polished after every six months if you like a gleaming fireplace surround area. These old fireplaces can be difficult to update and may no longer fit the style of the home. We’ll share our DO’s and DON’TS to help you save time and money. See more ideas about fireplace, fireplace remodel, fireplace tile. It works with most fireplaces … Unfortunately I can't seal the outside without great expense. Dirt and smoke from your fireplace can stain the surrounding stones quickly, and once the dirt is in, it can be difficult to get out. Remove any rubble. How to paint a wood fireplace surround. Measure the height of the room where you’re removing the fireplace so you know how long your sheeting needs to be. Please note: These steps are for painting your fire surround and not the inside of your fireplace. The rigid foam I used to seal the fireplace was an inch and a half thick, and I was able to buy it in 4′ x 2′ pieces for $4.15 each. Cover the hearth with an old blanket. Brick fireplaces may require sealing to keep moisture absorption to a minimum. One option you have when remodeling a fireplace is to cut and remove the brick fireplace surround … When surveying the interior of the fireplace, I noticed the installation bracket for the glass doors on the front of the fireplace stuck out inside the fireplace. The paint will not stick to dirt, so always clean your project first. The fireplace is more often than not the focal point of the space it’s in and that has to do with its very nature and essence, not necessarily with the way it looks. 3. Start by scrubbing excess ash and dust from the walls of the fireplace to expose the brick. Our house is 26 yrs old and we have a fireplace with a lot of red brick around it. Amazon's Choice for fireplace door seal. Paint the fireplace surround a single, flat color. For full step-by-step instructions, see How to Tile a Fireplace Surround. Older homes that have a fireplace may have a brick facade that was added at a later date. (See below for a shopping list and tools. At first blush it seems entirely counterintuitive to seal an inflammable material installed indoors. Today I wanted to share with you exactly how we did that. Tape and Seal the High-Efficiency RSF Wood Fireplace Surround/Chase that I have installed in the Loft of our Log Home that we are building in Climate Zone 5 in Southeastern British Columbia. More precisely, it is an inflatable urethane plug that is easy to install, preferably under the damper level. Use urethane-based primer and topcoat to seal the paint job. Seal the area around the fireplace with floor to ceiling plastic sheeting. Alternatively, use a faux-marbling technique by rolling on two colors. So we went neutral. I measured the height of the tile between the top of my fireplace and the bottom of the mantel. When my family purchased our home in 2005, there weren’t a lot of options for customizing our gas fireplace. Please note that will be no ceiling penetrations such as pot/ceiling lights. Gas fireplaces require a channel behind the hearth for the gas supply pipe . Get it as soon as Mon, Feb 8. Once I had it in there I measured my fireplace to decide on a size to cut it. Natural stone based fireplace surround area are the trend right now. After some drying time, clean up the joint lines for a smooth finish. Use painter’s tape to seal off the edges, so you get nice clean lines, then apply three coats of Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer-Sealer (£32.99, Screwfix). Place the insert on top of the hearth. Whether you choose to create a stone, brick, or another style of surround, epoxy is perfect to use to seal and protect your fireplace. Then I pressed cut. How to German Smear a Fireplace Mimic the look of old European cottages with the German smear technique by applying white mortar to create heavy grout lines, then smearing the excess mortar across the surface of the fireplace to create the illusion of imperfectly shaped bricks. This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to beautify an old, ugly brick fireplace. A fireplace mantel and surround complete the look and add architectural interest to any space. Of course, it is the fireplace surround that really makes a decorating statement. Dec 13, 2020 - Explore Leah Landreneau's board "Fireplace tile surround", followed by 216 people on Pinterest. Allow the base coat to dry, then paint in veins to give the fireplace a new 'marble' appearance. From a rustic, fieldstone surround, to an elegant, marble surround, no two natural stone fireplace surrounds will ever be the same. Why Seal A Cultured Stone Fireplace Surround? Carry out these key protection steps first: Remove everything surrounding the fireplace, like screens and grates. Look for places where the mortar is cracked, broken or has fallen out of place. Not necessarily the whole nine yards of chimney and flue but a fire surround even if you don’t have a fire – granted though in a rented property like Becky’s this is a little tricker. This will be in two sections. Embrace the materials. Conduct an inspection several times a year and after any major event that might result in damage to the chimney or fireplace box. Clean. Continue reading to see how we finished our fireplace surround by installing brick veneer. Fitting a concrete fire back and preparing the fireplace opening. Then clear any loose mortar from the firebox floor and walls. I decided on a 9 inch square of a stencil. I chose marble after researching this material ad nauseam and forged ahead knowing that marble is porous It frames the real star of the room, the firebox that houses all the dynamic drama of the flames. If your fireplace surround is for a gas insert we entirely agree that sealing it would be a waste of materials and labor. Use duct tape to secure the sheeting to your ceiling and stretch the sheets down to your floor. When inspecting the fireplace, check both the inside of the fire box and the outside chimney. The only project we did here was to build a DIY custom fireplace surround for the mantel.