They both needed each other to be better, and to me thats just soul wrenchingly romantic. Open ended and sufficient hints for viewers to imagine the possible happy outcome for both. Joon-hyung turns accusatory, and asks why she’s nagging when they haven’t seen each other in ages. I watched min on Youtube. That's just my guess tho. the camaraderie in the weightlifting and swimming club. Instead reminded me why I watch dramas in the first place. I am amazed that it showed an adorable romance that is based on a solid friendship, and blossomed into a heart – fluttering love that sees the beauty inside rather than the outside. It's in his eyes whenever he looks at BJ. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. Hehe, Where'd you watch the BTS video? Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo/Episode Ratings,, The title character, Kim Bok Joo, is based loosely on the real-life South Korean Olympic weightlifter. It's amazing how they were going for a straight up romance all throughout, with no elaborate plots to back it up, but instead showing each of the characters in their typical everyday lives, and yet, they were able to deliver loads and loads of heart each and every episode. Not only was the writing perfect, but the entire production also took care to be consistent in everything. js = d.createElement(s); = id; Girl you explained it so well Thank You for explaining everyone's feels!!! weightlifting fairy Jan 12 2017 7:53 am This drama is so cute especially the relationship among the cast. It's like saying goodbye to characters that really exist, people we actually know. Bok-ju continues that he’s a good swimmer and a good kisser, then says she’s done when he asks And? Thanks, I thought I would wait at least some months before rewatching but now I want to get to it right away. I don't think it's Nan Hee. Aside from me, a lot of my officemates watched this. However, when it comes to important issues and relationship matters, they are more adults than most adults in kdramas! YES, I DID! They peek in and get caught by Joon-hyung, who glares at them angrily all the way back to school. I loved SO coz she's very sensible and strong. I could literally watch another season’s worth of these unforgettably relatable characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this series. At the same time, at least I can live my life properly now, not just living for Wednesdays and Thursdays. This is my first time posting on here but I have been quietly reading recaps and I just want to thank everyone here for making this drama such a great journey. Doing stupid things to see your crush while he remains oblivious to your crazy beating heart - check the way he kisses her just seems too natural and smooth. Love the acting. His other arm in the group photo could have well been on Seon-okies' waist for all we know ;) ;) ;), Personally, what the show did with TK-SO was great. It certainly seems like they know that this drama is special. Thank you Lollypip for the recaps. She wonders why he seems not to want to talk to her lately. I am not ready to let it go! It's cute that they have their own tradition to celebrate it. When the kiss version of Dreaming came on at the end, my goodness that scene was so beautiful and yet sad because this was the ending of a lifetime. Keep it up, and I will probably see these characters in my dreams bc as you guys may or may not be able to tell I AM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED W/ THIS DRAMA *HEART EYES* HWAITING KIM BOK JOO HOPE YOU AND JOON HYUNG GET MARRIED AND HAVE LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL BABIES :-) <3. Seon-ok rests her hand on the table and Tae-kwon bumps it and he puts hers on top instead- and they're not even aware! I love how poignant the ending was and how it was a mirror of their first teasers and posters. It didn't devolve into exaggerated melodrama nor did it drag stories past their expiration date. The complete guide by MSN. Joon-hyung takes Bok-ju back to Taereung, and pouts that it seems extra close today when he wanted to spend more time with her. I'll keep you." I loved that it subverted drama clichés and it depicted mental health issues without the stigma. :-D, Delurking for the second time just for WLFKBJ. "...people paid their bills when characters ran out of restaurants and and!!" Aww you guys, thank you for thinking of us, the lonely, dateless viewers. Lee Sung-kyung (Korean: 이성경; born August 10, 1990) is a South Korean model, actress and singer.She acted in the television dramas Cheese in the Trap (2016) and The Doctors (2016) before taking her first leading role as the titular character in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo (2016) and Dr. I miss this show already. As they walk to the theater, Tae-kwon tentatively takes her hand, and Seon-ok looks up at him with wide eyes. She appeared in TV series such as "Itaewon Class" and "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo". And their besties being adorable! All the characters were so well-rounded and beautiful and so were the aesthetics for such a simple show and all the conflicts were so relateable and people paid their bills when characters ran out of restaurants and and!! He takes out his phone and starts talking about other restaurants in the area they can go to, and Dr. Go suddenly jumps up and leaves. HELLPPP? I think another reason why I have absolutely fallen for this show (aside from the romance) is because the story's rooted in true-to-life events. In retrospect, they are more adults than most adults in KDramaland. Oct 29, 2017 - Explore Phuong Trang's board "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo", followed by 289 people on Pinterest. Jae-yi catches up to her and asks what’s wrong, and she lets loose on him. it's been my habit to check drama's soundtrack even though I don't check out the drama yet or ever. Shi-ho says that she’s been seeing the therapist, and that she’s interviewing for coaching jobs. Haha ? A huge applause for the cast,crew and production team for not getting swayed by ratings and delivering episodes which only got better every week! Though i'm sad that this gem of a show has ended, i will always be happy in the thought that everyone one of these characters will live a long and fulfilled life while loving, cherishing, bickering(muchlike Aunt n Uncle ♡) and growing old together. I would love to see more BTS photos they haven't released. I think that Joon Hyung appreciates and in a way needs that strength from Bok Joo. The graduation scene was also very cute. The hazing continues over at the swimming pavilion, as Joon-hyung threatens his hoobaes not to toss him in the pool fully clothed. I loved the stunning visuals, excellent sound scoring and editing, great acting and chemistry between the actors, and the story that is truly one-of-a-kind. It premiered on MBC on November 12, 2016, and eventually concluded on January 11, 2017. Oh dear. Til the end she's his ♡Chubs♡ with hearts in his phone contacts. I seriously can't believe it's over though; it was pitch perfect from beginning to end (and that's not something I say about dramas often.) the storyline is simple but interesting. Thank you, Kim Bok-Joo and all of your friends and family for giving me hope that unconditional love exists in all forms and shapes and surging me with strenght to withstand difficult situations with my soul intact. why have I watched this drama cause now I want more of the cutie pie Joon Hyung (or Nam Joo Hyuk doesn't matter) and I now waiting for someone telling me to stay where I am and who I am because he is on the way to picking me up ~delulu ~keep replaying the song. I love how playful JH looked when he flapped his hands like a bird when BJ pushed him to run on the track last episode. Tae-kwon shows up, dressed in his army uniform, and helps them dunk Joon-hyung then gets thrown in himself. PERFECT! It has been amazing loving all the characters. He smiles while Dr. Go stuffs her face, and she fibs that she got interrupted while eating earlier. I agree!! That fancam...I can guarantee (after some investigating), it was not the actress Nanhee at the parking lot. Dad begs her not to be mad, but she says she feels bad because he always knows when something is wrong with her, but she didn’t suspect anything. These moments were short but they carried really deep lessons that we all can learn from and relate to. Seon Ok and Tae Kwon ship has sailed even though for just a moment. Joon-hyung plays keep-away, which just escalates the situation. Bok-ju finally blows up, and asks if Joon-hyung has been flirting with other girls while she’s been gone. :'( shows that make me feel this warm and giddy are so hard to come by - i can count on one hand the number of dramas that have as vividly heartwarming a friendship trio as nan-hee/seon-ok/bok-ju, or such a natural, relatable (and soul-crushingly adorable) friends-to-lovers romantic progression as joon-hyung and bok-ju. It’s refreshing to see how the show maintained it’s focus on Bok Joo, sure Joon Hyung steals the show for being hands down the best boyfriend ever, but narratively it never went astray from Bok Joo’s perspective, she didn’t become a lesser version of herself even she does aegyo for Joon Hyung, when she admits she’s wrong, when she’s in love. I hope to see whoever played Seon ok and Tae kwon in more dramas. Joon-hyung complains to a picture of Bok-ju that hearing her voice only makes him miss her more. A little bit of a look or a touch would've sufficed to satisfy the viewers that ensure the growth of their relationship but oh well. And how about Si-Ho's grim reaper admirer? I knew I'd be a crying mess after watching this final episode but not for the reasons I thought I'd cry. She majored in … The passion of the youthful spirits and sportmanship are portrayed in this show. SWAAAAGGG! Only one word about this drama Now, I cannot, CANNOT, stop gushing just how great this drama is. Like say, if fate chose a different girl for the male lead character, and have them go through the same things together, the male lead would've fallen for that 'different girl'. I've already rewatched the scene where Bok Joo confesses her love to Joon Hyung like millions of times and it never fails to just warm my heart. I'll have a hard time picturing these two with another actors as a couple. I love what you said about how they are more adult than most adults in kdrama land. It reminded me that as a youth, I am bound to make mistakes and becoming an adult is one hell of a ride. I also absolutely loved how her father didn’t lose his marbles when he figured out that the two were an item. Plus I didn't like the male actor. Nan-hee sits between Seon-ok and Tae-kwon at the movie, who both look miserable to have their first date thwarted. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MOVE ON FROM THIS SWAGGG DRAMA! This show made me cry with happiness and I was so sad to see it end. She tries to do everything that she wasn’t able to do because of weightlifting. It is really funny especially with that "WHAAAAAT!" The attention to detail was amazing. Maybe that translates into the show that's why the quality never dropped all throughout. Then WFKBJ will never ever end and we will forever have this gem of a drama to grin foolishly with, cry ugly with, pig out with, squee until toes curl up with..... Third was when he called Seon-ok to report Joon-hyung leaving instead of Nan-hee. appId : '127538621120543', Thank you Beanies for praising this drama so much till I checked it out. I will miss you, show. Knowing his backstory made me root for him even more because then I realized just how much he needs Bokjoo and also how he's that missing puzzle piece for her to realize how great of a person she is (and that it doesn't matter whether you're chubby or have callous hands; everyone deserves love!). While hanging out with Seon-ok and Tae-kwon, Nan-hee takes a call from Bok-ju. But I know time is my enemy and I'm dying to read this recap and the wonderful comments other Beanies have posted. Excited for the next drama of LSK and NJH. Right?? They sit Bok-ju down and tell her everything, explaining that they just didn’t want to worry her before her first big competition. Threatening to kill the suspected cheating boyfriend of your swag friend - check This drama will be forever with me. I feel like I've been selfish to my parents and took them for granted at times. Behind them, Dad opens his eyes and smiles a tiny, proud smile. Also, Nam Joohyuk said in an interview He says that he’ll call back when he’s done “training,” and hangs up on her. How is this drama so damn good ? i got carried away by cast cuteness. I don’t know when I’ve ever finished a show feeling so satisfied, yet so sad to see it end, but this was just about the most perfect ending ever. In other kdramas it felt a lot like two people who have gone through a lot together (brought together by fate of course) and they simply fell in love. Crying because it was so sweet and crying because it has ended. See more ideas about كوريا, اليابان, صورة. I just started to play "I'll pick you up" by Standing Egg (my favorite from the OST) and teared up instantly! JH and BJ not ready to let each other go and whimpering. Joon-hyung goes to the restaurant, worried that Bok-ju still won’t answer his calls. Cornered, Seon-ok invites Nan-hee to the movie with them. Ah. The ratings didn't reflect the quality of the show one bit. I delayed watching the last episode for two days because I didn't want to say goodbye to this drama and all the lovely characters T_T I just finished.. and I would've cried if my housemate wasn't out in the living room with me. Your reviews were one of the main factors that got me into the show and I've never regretted it. i will never forget this one and i'm probably gonna rewatch over and over. Yes. This is one case in which I completely don’t mind that everyone got a nicely wrapped-up happy ending, because for once, all of the characters pretty much deserved one. Watching Bok-ju and Joon-hyung and their friends navigate their new adult world felt nostalgic to me in a way that only the Answer Me franchise has been able to do, reminding me of what it was like to be young and scared but also excited about the future. When JH explained that BJ’s warmth being one of the major contributing factors to his love for her and the history of that warmth since childhood, I was like yes, I believe this. I think it's the young KBJ. It was cute. I can't believe that this drama is finally over. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, These two - pure love, not able to get over them anytime soon. And thank you Lollypip for bringing us the recaps and such apt comments. I had to pause the player because I cried so hard that my eyes were cloudy. Sometimes its not that both parties dont want to spend time keeping in touch, its just that they keep missing each other. and even the hint of a relationship between Tae Kwon and Soon Ok (even through we didn’t see as much of them as I hoped, the moments we were given were BEYOND cute i DIED at the popcorn hand holding). I don't think I've ever encountered a couple in k-drama that I love so much. She asks if he’s able to see Bok-ju much, aware that it’s difficult to date someone at Taereung, and Joon-hyung sighs that he’s starting to resent his country. Loved it when both brothers stopped to pay the bill. Its the same vice versa. I was also reminded of the Answer Me franchise (my absolute favorite dramas of all time) in that the depiction of youth was just so poignant. So much feels. :), I am so glad that this show is well-loved by people across the globe; it's been consistently trending in the Philippines and I couldn't get any prouder to have seen such masterpiece. Oh how I love you,WFKBJ! PERFECT IN EVERY ASPECT, And the cast and the active everything is perfect, After a long time the drama which made me attached to it, This is the first time in my history as a self-proclaimed kdrama addict that I refused to watch the final episode of a drama because I am not ready to part ways with it. Jae-yi teases that it feels like an in-law meeting, and Bok-ju congratulates him and Dr. Go on setting a wedding date. So cute, these two. They were so dedicated. I loved this show so much that I watched it raw at 9am every Wed. and Thurs. Bok-ju says that she misses him, her friends, and her father’s fried chicken. It was so cute! Wanted closure on that too. Bok-ju spends the evening with Seon-ok and Nan-hee, and kicks her phone grumpily when Joon-hyung calls. Thank you to all the crew for giving us such a lovely heartwarming drama! This is our happy pill every morning of Thursday and Friday (since that's the time the subs are out). and even on those roof bunk bed scene and dorm bed scene( I saw the bts) - He actually had his legs on top of hers too. This was a perfect drama watching experience ever. I hope someday they do another drama together. 6. Bok-ju argues that Joon-hyung is just in training, but the girls laugh that it’s lunchtime, so that’s just an excuse. One of my favorite show. The marriage proposal, that kiss!! Its a MASTERPIECE. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 15, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 14, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 13, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 12, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 11, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 10, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 9, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 8, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 7, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 6, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 5, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 4, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 3, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 2, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju: Episode 1, klurker Dora-Momo makes me wish I was young again. You can totally see that they NEED each other, and that it wouldn't have worked out if it was anybody else. I don't think the other one is Nan Hee. !--The Messi question, the paying the bill, the "swag" catchphrase, the coach-coach interaction during announcements etc. Her expression was so cute~. But why the chemistry is so real. My logic tells me not to ship on screen couple , but then I see photos like this and my heart starts shipping them. They follow him (super obviously) as he walks, determined to catch him with a girl, and fail at being casual when he feels like he’s being watched and turns around. And I love how even though the show is primarily about first love, most of the time the kids (particularly Bok-ju) put friends and family first, such as Bok-ju deciding to visit her father before calling Joon-hyung. Saw a pic from wrap party on social media where they are having dinner and he has his arm around NH again ? Made me laugh out loud, made my heart ache, made me cry quite a lot and made me miss my youth. I actually cried a bit during the last few secs just because this show was so absolutely wonderful. This goes on to show that good dramas are the outcome of not only great actors/directors but also happy employees that work behind the scene. Seon-ok recognizes the name on the door, and Nan-hee cringes when she realizes that it’s Bok-ju’s father in the room, not a woman. It's a bit funny in retrospect seeing as there was that one time we thought they were going to get caught during their PDA fest and the father was passing by on his scooter. It’s so rare to come across a drama that hits every single moment perfectly, never experiencing that late-stage slump that plagues even the most well-written shows. See you later, Chubs! Ugh, what will I do without them every week?!? She nervously asks what he means, but he just asks, “By any chance, do you like Messi?” Aww, that’s adorable. As expected of the writer of Oh My Ghostess! So, even if he has a crush on her, he probably would never confess it. Joon-hyung shoves Bok-ju back to the table, swearing that he wasn’t talking to anyone she knows. Watch Online on Viu PH He doesn’t think it through very well, and soon Bok-ju is glaring at him over a basket of… fried chicken. The dog I mentioned above was constantly in the shots of the house even though it wasn't supposed to be that important anyway. Amen! Bok-ju follows through on her promise to focus on training, while Joon-hyung cheers her on by making Jenga towers of her favorite sausages and sending her pictures. for guiding us through this wonderful journey ., Thank you :) Looking at LSK/NJH cry during the wrap up I again shed tears :'( How much should they have loved working on the show that they were sad like the viewers to see it end